Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can I touch him?

If you ask me, probably.

Hamilton's socialization phase will primarily be from his weaning to his 6-9 month age range, depending on how fast he learns. After that, as I understand those that love dogs, and I also want to encourage people to learn about dogs, Great Danes, and service animals, I will usually allow people to pet and touch him.

Please bear in mind:
  • Please ask first
  • Please let him smell you first
  • Please speak calmly and don't wave your arms or hands, nor shout or scream.
  • Please understand he's new at this.
  • Please respect me, and respect him in your words and behavior
  • Please keep your touches to petting and a scratch behind his ears. He's not a horse, nor is he a toy.
  • Please don't offer him foods, treats or anything 'people food'. He is on a good diet, and giving him people food may push back boundaries I need him to have later. (See a 180 pound dog helping himself to the beef section in the grocery store??!)
  • If you are afraid of dogs, please don't feel that you need to test yourself, or him, by trying to force yourself to touch or approach him. My job is to control him and teach him to behave. He is like fine art; it's fine to appreciate him from a few steps away.

Please email me if you'd like to discuss my bringing Hamilton to a group to show or educate regarding service animals.


Woofs. Ham's rating system.

  • Five Woofs = I REALLY LIKE IT
  • Four Woofs = I like it
  • Three Woofs = It was OK
  • Two Woofs = Meh.
  • One Woof = No, thanks.

Hamilton's family



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