Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Dane in the snow....


15 weeks:  43 pounds, 22 inches at the shoulder, 25 inches neck-tail

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First day of "floor" training!

Today I am 13 weeks old (and 40+ pounds!)

As I have now had my full run of shots:  6 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks, I am now cleared for more intensive socialization, and I can get OUT OF THE GROCERY CART!!

Today I went to our local supermarket, and I did SO GOOD- Mommy was BEAMING. 

I wore my no-pull collar (and didn't pull) and the shorter leash (which keeps me from putting my nose where it doesn't belong!) and my service dog vest. 

I walked RIGHT beside Mommy, went slow (and didn't PULL!) and whenever Mom stopped, I sat down to wait for her.

I was sweet to people I met (I didn't chew on anybody!) and walked calmly and quietly thru the store.

Mom was THRILLED- but I guess I sort-of lost it around the check-out line.  I started pulling (backwards) on the leash, and fighting Mommy, and eventually I started whining and barking.  (sigh)

Mommy thinks that the checkout is the thing I have not been exposed to enough- and maybe since I was riding in the cart (and often asleep) by that time- I'm not used to the tight aisle, and the people in front and behind us.  Perhaps I just got too 'crowded' and wanted OUT of there.

Mommy calmed me down- and we made it through the checkout. Then we went home- and I am SO tired after my big morning out for a walk, some shopping, and my first 'floor' work at the market.

Mom will post photos from my outings, soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hamilton's diet....

One of the 'never-fails' questions when out with a Dane or a Dane puppy......

"How much does he eat?"  or "I bet he eats a ton, doesn't he?"

Well, no.

This is Hamilton's daily diet, give or take a little depending on his activity level and what we do that day:

I make my own chicken stock every week- purchase the chicken from the local market (leg quarters, thighs) and then boil with the carrots, celery and some mushrooms.  I remove the chicken from the stock when it's cooked and falling off the bone, and keep the celery and carrots- discarding the mushrooms as they are just for flavor.

I put the veggies and shredded chicken in little Ziplock bowls by portion so each meal = 1 bowl.  I pour the chicken stock when cooled, into jars and refrigerate. The fats go to the surface and solidify, which I then spoon out and discard, leaving the stock in either a liquid or gelatin form.

To this veggie + stock + kibble + chicken mix, I add rice; either brown or white, or a mixture of both.  I steam the rice 1x per week in a 5 cup steamer, and portion out in the Ziploc bowls as well so that each bowl is a complete portion/serving of veggies, chicken, and rice.  

I also re-warm the stock each time, and pour over the other ingredients, and Hamilton is usually bouncing around and spinning on the floor as he knows what's coming is GOOD.

I feed him 2-3x per day depending on his activity level.  Sometimes the 'middle' meal is just kibble with a little chicken stock if we're not having an active day, or if I have to give him anything from the vet- as keeping it simple is better on his stomach if he's taking Vit C or a prescribed med.

He supplements with Iams bones in the Lamb & Rice, and Adult formulas, with his Kong ball and for obedience treats.

All in all, he does not eat much more than a puppy of any other large breed (Lab, Shepherd, etc.) and as an adult he'll probably only do 2 meals per day of 2-3 c of kibble with a mix of rice, veggies and stock.

Woofs. Ham's rating system.

  • Five Woofs = I REALLY LIKE IT
  • Four Woofs = I like it
  • Three Woofs = It was OK
  • Two Woofs = Meh.
  • One Woof = No, thanks.

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